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Ten years of point-of-care ultrasound for King's College
Added: March 30, 2017

Ten years of point-of-care ultrasound for King's College

Fujifilm SonoSite’s education manager and clinical apps specialist Vanessa Wickens, regional sales manager Lee Murray and emergency medicine consultant Dr George Nada.


King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s emergency department in London deals with over 400 cases every day and pint-of-care ultrasound now forms an integral part of many patient assessment pathways.  Emergency medicine consultant Dr George Nada said: “We currently use ultrasound for four main activities: FAST scans, insertion of peripheral lines, AAA screens and basic echocardiography, but it also has applications in many other areas, such as guiding the placement of chest drains, ascetic taps and femoral nerve blocks. 

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Integrated patient record for fetal medicine
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Integrated patient record for fetal medicine Stoke Mandeville Hospital sonographer Sarah Doran.
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Three Calmed insufflators for Nevill Hall
Added: March 28, 2017

Three Calmed insufflators for Nevill Hall Pictured following the handover of a Calmed Insufflator supplied by Vertec Scientific to Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, are senior...
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