CT-SIM radiation oncology group meets at Leeds Cancer Centre

The Philips CT-SIM Radiation Oncology Group meeting brought together more than 40 radiographers, medical physicists, clinical oncologists and planning technologists to share experiences, network with users and learn more about the latest Philips CT-SIM solutions in the radiation oncology setting.

Delegates reported that it was a good opportunity to increase their knowledge and keep up-to-date with current developments in CT-SIM. They were introduced to the next generation of CT-SIM, the BBRT 4.8, by Philips CT applications and clinical science specialist Walter Giepmans.

Presentations covered topics such as an MDT approach to commissioning of new radiotherapy CT simulators in a large cancer centre and Castle Hill Hospital’s experience of transitioning to 4.2. Also covered was ‘Abdominal compression and 4DCT: the QEH approach’; ‘Absolute marking using TumorLoc: the Edinburgh Cancer Centre
experience’ and ‘Pre-treatment preparation of the pelvic patient: from bowel preparation to rectal spacers.’

After lunch, Castle Hill Hospital clinical scientist Carl Horsfield presented ‘Where do we go from here? Insights from the 2018 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine dose survey and opportunities for quality improvement.’ A masterclass was given by Philips UKI’s Richard Andrew on ‘Protocol optimisation in CT-SIM: tools and techniques on the BBRT’ followed by a talk on ‘Spectral CT in radiation oncology.’ The meeting was concluded by Philips clinical physics consultant Nigel Deshpande talking about IntelliSpace radiation oncology.

Picture: In front are St James’s University Hospital engineer Liz Snelling, Leeds Cancer Centre radiotherapy physicist Shona Whittam, Philips clinical applicationsspecialis t Gill Millen, Castle Hill Hospital pre-treatment lead Paula McLoone, Philips clinical applications specialist Richard Andrew and Queen Elizabeth Hospital pre-treatment lead Julie Kilkenny. Behind them are St James’s University Hospital pre-treatment lead Helen Shepherd, Guerbet national imaging sales specialist Amanda Walsh, St James’s University Hospital principal
radiographer Sarah Whittle and head of engineering Chris Forrest, Philips CT business marketing manager Hannah Timbrell, Castle Hill Hospital clinical scientist Carl Horsfield, Philips clinical physics consultant Nigel Deshpande, Edinburgh Cancer Centre pre-treatment lead John Burton and Rutherford Cancer Centre deputy lead Amy Warlow, with Philips CT applications and clinical science specialist Walter Giepmans behind them.

Published on page 8 of the March 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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