Ensuring staff are heard contributes to MRI safety, says healthcare provider

MRI Safety Week is an international event held annually in July to commemorate six-year-old Michael Columbini, who died in 2001. After undergoing an MRI examination at Westchester Medical Centre, New York, he was involved in an accident whereby his head was crushed by a metal oxygen tank being pulled across the room from the MR machine’s magnetic field. Now, facilities including hospitals, private healthcare centres, universities and manufacturers come together to raise awareness and promote best safety practices in MRI.

Independent healthcare provider GenesisCare says a key aspect of raising MRI safety awareness is highlighting the important roles all staff play in that process, regardless of whether they work in the MRI or MR-linac department or in a supporting function. COVID-19 has raised additional safety practice concerns; increased responsibility for the patient’s safety can cause a sense of urgency, with front-line and clinical teams dealing with multiple challenges, emotional pressure and unrelieved stress.

Recognising the pressure that key workers and healthcare staff are under as a result of COVID-19, GenesisCare has ensured it has kept pace with safety measures and provided ongoing support and ‘personal’ engagement across the business. This required persistence, diligence and compassion by each staff member including administration, radiographers, nurses, pharmacists, physicists, managers and corporate leaders.

“Advocacy through giving a consistent excellent service to patients translates directly into looking after staff. This is powered by leaders communicating directly to staff to mobilise ‘partnerships’. Space has been created for front-liners to share challenges, worries and opportunities through team Zoom forums and digital workspace assets,” states the company.

Picture: The GenesisCare team celebrating MR Safety Week.

Published on page 32 of the September 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.


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