Fujifilm team pulls together to maintain service in lockdown

As the impact of the pandemic started to hit the UK in March, the team at Fujifilm was determined to provide the best service possible. While most of the organisation started to work from home, a core team remained at the Bedford headquarters. Engineers have been busy in the workshop getting mobile systems configured and out to customers, the supply chain team has retained a presence on-site to manage orders and deliveries, while customer service representatives had their systems configured to work remotely.

Alex Worsley
Fujifilm senior applications specialist Alex Worsely at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

“Our large team of applications specialists are all ex-radiographers, and Fujifilm was happy to support one member of the team who decided to return to the NHS for a two-month secondment as a practising radiographer,” states the company.

Lead picture: Fujifilm clinical application specialist Jacob Morgan at Princess Royal University Hospital

See the full report on the front page of the July 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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