Ipswich Hospital updates long-serving platform for breast ultrasound

Ipswich Hospital has purchased an Esaote MyLab 9 for its breast imaging department. Dr Judita Laurinkiene is pictured (right) taking delivery of the new scanner with Esaote ultrasound applications specialist Emma Burgess.

Lead radiographer/screening programme manager Judith Berrill said: “We chose the Esaote MyLab 9 because we had always been very happy with our old MyLab Twice, which served us well for many years. The MyLab 9 gives excellent image quality for breast ultrasound, particularly visualising calcifications, markers and biopsy needles. The after-sales service we have received from Esaote has always been very good and they are always very helpful and prompt to respond. Between 50 and 70 patients will be scanned each week from the symptomatic breast clinics and breast screening assessment.”

See the full report on page 2 of the September 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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