Philips introduces solid core pressure guidewire for coronary artery intervention

Royal Philips has introduced OmniWire, said to be the world’s first solid core pressure wire for coronary artery interventional procedures. With its solid core construction, physicians can more easily manoeuvre the wire in the patient’s circulatory system to measure blood pressure along the vessel and guide the delivery of catheters and stents.

Philips says the new wire supports iFR (instantaneous wave-free ratio) measurements, the only resting index supported by randomised controlled outcome trials, as well as FFR (fractional flow reserve) measurements. It also integrates with the Philips IntraSight interventional applications platform, which can co-register iFR data onto an angiogram to precisely identify the parts of vessels requiring treatment.

“I have been very impressed with the handling of OmniWire; the new solid core design performed beautifully and I was able to navigate a difficult case easily,” said cath lab director at Barnes Jewish Hospital and associate professor at Washington University in St Louis, USA, Dr Jasvindar Singh, who performed the first human case with OmniWire in the country. “We used iFR co-registration and found that the patient needed a stent. I was then able to perform the whole procedure working over OmniWire. This is truly an innovation in percutaneous coronary interventions.”

Picture: OmniWire supports iFR and FFR measurements.

See the full report on page 9 of the October 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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