Products are tracked to patients by Musgrove’s consumable management service

Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton has introduced a consumable management service by Althea as an integral part of its radiology managed service.

Althea has  enabled the trust to track all radiology products from the moment they are sourced until they are assigned to a patient. This service is said to enable the delivery of better patient care, improve clinical productivity and supply chain efficiency, while future-proofing the trust against the Department of Health and Social Care’s Scan4Safety criteria.

Clinical lead for interventional radiology Dr Katharine Lewis said: “This system can track an exact product to a particular patient, which enhances patient safety. We also benefit from the system updating our stock volumes in real-time, enabling us to maintain efficient stock levels to meet clinical demands; we feel it has improved our efficiency and service overall.”

The service includes a bespoke inventory management system and an on-site stock controller. Once products arrive from the centralised receipt and distribution area the stock controller adds them to the inventory management system via a handheld scanner. The right products are then decanted into the right areas of the radiology department ensuring there is the appropriate quantity and size of products available for each procedure.

At the point of care the clinical team utilises a handheld scanner to assign the product to the patient including lot and serial numbers. This allows lifetime traceability as well as procedure-level costings for the hospital management team.

Once consumed the product is removed from the inventory and an automated replenishment order is raised, with all procurement and finance activities performed
by Althea’s back office teams.

Picture: Althea on-site staff member Adellyn Walker with the Musgrove Park Hospital clinical team.

Published on page 6 of the December 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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