Digital Tomosynthesis on DR 800 and DR 600: A method for patient care and hospital productivity

Author:  - Agfa Healthcare


Despite a large array of publications and clinically-oriented investigations and studies indicating potential applications in various fields, digital tomosynthesis (DTS) has not yet realized its potential as a widely used clinical application. Apart from mammography, where digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is becoming increasingly well-established, DTS is acknowledged in the academic field, but seemingly less in clinical practice – particularly not in productivity-oriented clinical environments. Agfa’s tomosynthesis solution – facilitating novel reconstruction in combination with state-of-the-art MUSICA post-processing on both the DR 800 and DR 600 X-ray systems – allows Agfa to close this gap. By means of well-documented and practical clinical cases, this white paper demonstrates the potential of digital tomosynthesis in the radiological field. It shows that DTS can be a useful complement to 2D and CT imaging in improving department productivity and patient care

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