Optimized Digital Gamma Camera Design – 360° CZT for Total Body Imaging

Author: Yechiel Lamash, Nathaniel Roth - Spectrum Dynamics


In 2018, Spectrum Dynamics introduced a CZT based general purpose SPECT/CT scanner. The VERITON-CT SPECT/CT series include diagnostic 16 or 64 slice CT capabilities. The unique 360 CZT design, more closely resembling a PET ring gantry than traditional dual head nuclear camera, in many ways is an adaptation of their earlier D-SPECT cardiac digital design. As the D-SPECT scanner focuses on close detector proximity to the patient optimized for cardiac imaging, VERITON uses a similar strategy using telescopic detectors to establish the optimal minimum source to detector distance. Similar swiveling detector assemblies, acquisition modes and reconstructions, as well as several new capabilities added to VERITON, maximize the impact of 360 CZT in routine clinical imaging. Both the D-SPECT and VERITON scan acquisitions are always 3D offering full tomographic detail.

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