Thirlestaine Breast Centre evaluates how AI can improve detection accuracy

Pictured during a visit by ScreenPoint Medical to the Thirlestaine Breast Centre in Cheltenham are breast clinician Dr Dagmar Godden, ScreenPoint Medical ceo Professor Nico Karrsemeijer, consultant radiologists Dr Sarah Vinnicombe, Dr Eleanor Cornford and Dr Richard Sidebottom with ScreenPoint Medical’s marketing manager David Lee.

The Thirlestaine Breast Centre was among the first sites in the UK to acquire 3D mammography, which is now being used in clinical trials in screening and symptomatic settings, following a charitable contribution from Cobalt Health. The site has a mix of 2D and 3D mammography units from GE Healthcare, Hologic, Giotto and Siemens Healthineers.

The team has agreed to work with ScreenPoint Medical’s Transpara to evaluate how breast AI can help improve accuracy and early detection.

Dr Vinnicombe explained: “We are interested in the potential of AI to help with accuracy, workload and workflow in both screening and symptomatic settings, so are very happy to have the opportunity to evaluate Transpara to see how we can improve the accuracy of mammography in women in our large community.”

Published on page 18 of the May 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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