Victoria Community Hospital’s ultrasound system comes with a dedicated applications specialist

Victoria Community Hospital, part of Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, has changed ultrasound imaging partners, opting for an Aplio i600 diagnostic ultrasound system from Canon Medical for its general radiology needs.

In addition to the functional and operational benefits of the new system, the agreement includes unlimited access to a dedicated applications specialist to address all technical questions.

Lead sonographer Ian Brodie said: “The clarity of the image provided by the Aplio i600 has been the most pleasing aspect of the system. Finer detail can be observed, and the Doppler performance is outstanding. In particular, the four-probe input is extremely useful in a multidisciplinary setting. Manoeuvrability of the system is also an advantage, helping to alleviate musculoskeletal impact on our users.

Picture: Lead sonographer Ian Brodie and radiology manager Suzanne Holloway.

See the full report on page 7 of the November 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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